Online Child Care Contribution Calculator

Welcome to the online child care contribution calculator! Simply answer the questions below and click "calculate" to get an idea of what your approximate monthly child care contribution will be. This calculator does not guarantee you will qualify for child care assistance. You still need to contact the local administrator in your area. A listing of local administrators by community can be found here

Question Your Answer Information About Your Question
What is your family size? Include children under 18 years of age, yourself, and other biological parent living in your home.
How much money does your family earn in a month? Enter the amount before taxes are taken out. Do not include money belonging to children.
How much money does your family get in a month other than earnings? This could be unemployment, retirement, child support, social security, etc.
How much money do you pay each month in child support? Enter the amount of legally obligated child support paid each month. Enter 0 if no child support is paid.